Walk through the Mass with Father Kibaki, AJ

Walk through Mass with Father Kibaki, AJ — New videos are here!

Part 20  "Why Catholics Use Candles" https://youtu.be/kagFfMldpto

Part 19   Why Catholic Priests are called "FATHERS".  https://youtu.be/X1XY182fxJI

Part 18  On Sacrament of confession: "Who can forgive sin but god alone?" https://youtu.be/2o2FSTEFAa8

Part 17  Have you ever realized that During Mass Catholics do not mention the Chapter and Verses while reading the Bible. https://youtu.be/V3JLezmHE6s

Part 16  “How do I know what Year in the Cycle of Readings we are in?”   https://youtu.be/NIeB87pbYxU

Part 15 Holy Water  https://youtu.be/fUI8emBHdPo

Part 14 Why a Priest uses so many symbols to bless Baptismal water  https://youtu.be/mvBwOLYNHUI

Part 13  Covering of Crucifixes and statues in the Church   https://youtu.be/JgX3mpC4qZ4

Part 12  Why Catholics pray with their whole body  https://youtu.be/LtMaN67rF04

Part 11  Smells and Bells during Mass  https://youtu.be/hIq8xtiVYzE

Part 10 Why we sign ourselves with crosses before the Gospel  https://youtu.be/tgR4HTK-8Qo

Part 9 Veiling of hands at Benediction   https://youtu.be/0iIvtCWGy4M

Part 8 Facts about Ash Wednesday   https://youtu.be/MgGCuvqSs5o

Part 7 Why we strike our breasts during Mass   https://youtu.be/jo7XEdkxcEk

Part 6 My Sacrifice and Yours, are they Two?   https://youtu.be/s4c1A2Xkg5E

Part 5 Washing of hand during Mass  https://youtu.be/ORk4wh3ZPZw

Part 4 Mixing water and wine  https://youtu.be/nPbCSPWWP0g

Part 3 Presentation of Gifts  https://youtu.be/jTEduMok1fc

Part 2 Sign of the Cross   https://youtu.be/1vw1_LYPvrY

Part 1 Kisses of a Priest  https://youtu.be/xJdYFNjeipA