Confirmation is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation by which we become full, active participants in the community of faith and complete members of the Church. In Baptism, we welcome new life in the Spirit. In the Eucharist, we nurture that new life by commitment to Christ and communion with Him, and in Him. In Confirmation, we are awakened to the the gifts of the Holy Spirit that enable us to live that new life as an adult, bearing testimony to the life of God.


Contact: Jenny Arthur | (760) 753-6254 | youth@saintjohnencinitas.org


Sacrament of Confirmation Registration -- Deadline to register is August 15th.

To Register for Confirmation please complete the registration form: Youth Confirmation Registration/Payment 2024-2025

Emergency release form to print and sign/return to office: Emergency Release Form

Once you complete the registration, you will receive an email within 1-3 business days confirming we received your online form and payment. The email will contain the required next steps which include signing a physical copy of our Emergency Release form (accessible on this page) and submitting ALL of your child’s sacramental certificates and Birth Certificate. We are unable to add your child to our roster until all materials are received.

Classes begin on September 8.

For more information contact Jenny Arthur by email youth@saintjohnencinitas.org or call during office hours at 760-753-6254


Registraciones para Confirmación 

Para registrarse para la Confirmación, complete el formulario de registro: Formulario de Registro de Confirmación Juvenil 2024-2025

Nueva Aprobacion de Emergencia para imprimir y firmar y regresar a la oficina: NUEVA APROBACION DE EMERGENCIA


Recibirás un correo electrónico dentro de 1-3 días hábiles confirmando que hemos recibido tu formulario en línea y el pago. El correo electrónico contendrá los próximos pasos necesarios, que incluyen firmar una copia física de nuestro formulario de Liberación de Emergencia (se encuentra en esta pagina) y enviar TODOS los certificados sacramentales y el Certificado de Nacimiento de tu hijo(a). No podremos añadir a tu hijo(a) a nuestra lista hasta que se reciban todos los materiales.

Clases empiezan domingo, el 8 de septiembre.

Para más información, favor de comunícate con Jenny Arthur al correo electrónico: youth@saintjohnencinitas.org o llame durante las horas de oficina al 760-753-6254







Contact: Bob Beiner | (760) 753-6254 | deacon@saintjohnencinitas.org

Confirmation for adults is normally one of the sacraments that are conferred on those who have gone through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).  If you believe the RCIA process would not be appropriate for you, please contact the Deacon at the parish office.