Confirmation is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation by which we become full, active participants in the community of faith and complete members of the Church. In Baptism, we welcome new life in the Spirit. In the Eucharist, we nurture that new life by commitment to Christ and communion with Him, and in Him. In Confirmation, we are awakened to the the gifts of the Holy Spirit that enable us to live that new life as an adult, bearing testimony to the life of God.


Contact: | (760) 753-6254 | [email protected]

Sacrament of Confirmation Registration 2022-2023 REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Registrations for the formation process to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation are open on August 8 for more information and appointments to pick up your package please contact. 

Myrna Phelps by email [email protected] or during office hours  at 760-753-6254


Registraciones para Confirmación 2022-2023 REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Las registraciones para el procesos de preparación para recibir el sacramento de confirmación inician el día lunes 8 de Agosto .

Para mayor información  y hacer su cita para recoger su paquete de registración, favor de comunícate con Myrna Phelps al correo electrónico [email protected]  o durante las horas de oficina al 760-753-6254



Contact: Bob Beiner | (760) 753-6254 | [email protected]

Confirmation for newly baptized adults occurs as a part of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. If you have been previously baptized in the Catholic Church, but have not yet received your Confirmation, contact the Parish Office.