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Saint John School, a Christ-centered environment, empowers our children to gain a thorough understanding of the Catholic faith, achieve their highest academic potential, and share Christ’s love through Christian action.

Saint John School Student Scholarship Fund

We need your help.  A young boy or girl needs your help.

This will literally change their life, now, and forever.

We can’t help them all, but you can help “this one.”

Donations envelopes and more information are in the back of the church. Make the check out to: “Saint John Student Scholarship Fund.” You can drop it off in the church (in the yellow donation box), at the office, or mail it, postage paid.

Please support the future of Catholicism by providing

scholarship help to a deserving student.

Our objective will be achieved through

our collective sacrifice.

Saint John School Student Scholarship Fund

Thank you for making a difference!

To donate online for the Scholarship Fund click: