Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry  of Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church

Mission:  To continue the healing ministry of Jesus and to fulfill the Corporal Work of Mercy of the Church “to bury the dead”, the Bereavement Ministry of Saint John’s is established to provide compassionate and loving support to bereaved parishioners and their families by helping them prepare for imminent death and/or participate in the Liturgy of the Order of Christian Funerals.


  • To offer spiritual and caring support to all who are preparing for the imminent death of a loved one in a hospital or under Hospice care.
  • To offer spiritual support and healing to all who are mourning due to the loss of a loved one.
  • To assist the grieving family in the liturgical planning, including the prayers, readings, and music of the Funeral or Memorial Mass.
  • To encourage the grieving family to actively participate in the Liturgy.
  • To provide other assistance such as at the Vigil Service, the burial, or the reception.
  • To offer continued contact and support during the grieving period following a loss.
  • To encourage families to participate in “Seasons of Hope” Grief Support Group at Saint John within the year following the loss of their loved one.

Please contact the Parish office at  760 753-6254.  Grieving for a loved one is a natural process. Please know that we are here to help you and support you during this difficult time. Healing from the pain of grief can begin through the planning of your loved one’s funeral. This can be a personal and loving celebration of that  person’s life and it can also be an opportunity for your family to begin the healing process at this time. Saint John is happy to journey with you.